In Preparation

Our lesson yesterday was short, which I didn’t mind.  First, PJ’s superficial tendon was a little tender when I palpated it, but he wasn’t lame, so riding was okay, I just didn’t want to push it.  Barbara and I also did a lot of chatting, fun but not productive.  PJ was good for what little work we did do and he even cantered off.  I have a lot I need to practice, though, and I have a tight deadline….PJ and I are scheduled for a clinic with Linda Zang in less than two weeks!

My friend Betsy and I are going together.  It was her idea.  I can’t believe I’m bringing my training level horse along with his dysfunctional rider (me) to clinic with such a big name trainer.  I don’t want to embarrass Barbara, so there are a few things I would like to improve before we go – mainly the contact with the outside rein and our canter departs.  I have a plan, so we’ll see.

Another reason we cut the lesson short was because Betsy pulled in with her truck and trailer hooked up, and since she’s driving PJ I wanted to see if he would load in her trailer.  It was very open but at first, PJ was having none of it.  However, within 10 minutes he went on and the great thing was that I could turn him around, so he didn’t back right off.  After hanging out for a minute or two, I took him off and then tried to load him back up and to my great surprise he didn’t hesitate – at all.  We repeated standing there, then I took him off, and again, he walked right on.  Cool.  We’re going to try again in a few days just to confirm that he’ll be fine, so we’re not rushing on clinic day.  I can’t wait for this clinic but then again, we need more time!!!!

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