Musical Saddles

So, Betsy tried my saddle.  I tried Jane’s saddle and Jane tried Betsy’s saddle.  Betsy loves my saddle.  I love Jane’s saddle.  Jane wasn’t crazy about Betsy’s and is going to try a whole different saddle she has sitting at home.  Lost yet?

I am definitely going to sell mine but Betsy isn’t convinced yet that she wants it.  I let her take it to a show this weekend and I’ve said she can ride in it whenever she wants over the next few weeks.  She had a lesson in it today.  She says she feels her position is so much better, especially at the canter – Barbara agrees and the horse went fantastic.  But, it’s a huge purchase, which I understand completely because I’m in the same boat.  I had my lesson today in Jane’s saddle, and again, I felt more effective and Barbara thought I looked straight and stronger.  Also, PJ went well.  Funny thing is, Barbara rode both Betsy’s horse and PJ before we each got on and she didn’t like either saddle. That’s why it’s ‘to each her own.’

Now, I don’t know if Jane is selling her saddle.  I also want to try a whole bunch of other saddles because I don’t know if I like Jane’s because it’s not mine or because I really like that particular one.  The saddle fitter comes in a week and a half.  In the meantime, I’ll see if anyone else at the barn will let me ride in their saddle, and Betsy will ride in mine a few more times (unless tomorrow goes horribly and she decides she doesn’t like it).

For the horse, the most critical piece of equipment is the bit but without a well-fitting saddle, he could wind up quite miserable.  I’m finding that the saddle is the most important piece of equipment for the rider and I’m quite miserable in mine but after riding in Jane’s I see that I don’t have to be.  It’s that light at the end of the tunnel that keeps us going and regarding this particular journey, I see that I won’t be in darkness forever.

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