Mirror Mirror…

We had a party at the barn today to watch the video from the horse show at the USET that we all went to.  A friend had video taped all of our rides, so we settled in with pizza, brownie, and wine…what more could a horse girl want?

I was the last ride and throughout the video we kept praising each other.  We each had issues to overcome at that show.  This was Eileen’s first show with her new horse and the horse’s first show too. Betsy had never done a real dressage show (she’s an eventer).   It was also Jane’s first show with the horse she’s leasing, although he’s an old campaigner, and it was Kristin’s horse’s second show, although Bridget was riding her.  And, of course this was the place of PJ’s meltdown and even at this show he was nuts.

As I watched myself trot down the centerline, all I could think of was how horrible I looked.  I was in a chair seat.  I was sitting on the back of my saddle.  My hands were all over the place, and there I went again, collapsing my right side.  PJ, on the other hand, didn’t look as bad as he had felt.  He had felt like a slug after our first halt and salute, but in the video he didn’t look so bad.  Why does my riding look so much worse than it feels? If I can’t feel how bad it is, how can I fix it?  I have such a long way to go.

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