A Passier Day

Three people said I could try out their Passier saddles: Barbara, Bridget, and Betsy.  I decided to try all three on the same day.

I tried Barbara’s old Nicole first.  The first thing I noticed was that it was a very hard seat.    The second thing I noticed was that I liked how my seat bones contacted the saddle.  I also liked that my legs were next to PJ’s sides like how the off-set stirrups put my legs but I was using normal stirrups.  I’m not 100% sure it’s the saddle; it could just be that the offset stirrups have changed how I use my legs, but I think it was the saddle.  I walked and trotted to get the general feel for the saddle.  I wasn’t thrilled with it but it did make me realize that I DON’T like my saddle.

Once I was satisfied that I had a good idea about that saddle, I put Bridget’s on. I’m not sure what model but it was different than Barbara’s.  I dragged PJ back to the ring, something he was less than thrilled with.  It had a softer seat.  Again, I just walked and trotted him around to figure it out, trying to check myself in the mirror to see my position.  It didn’t do that much for me.

I didn’t know the model of the third Passier, either.  At the walk I thought I liked it because it felt like I could push with my core but then I trotted.  Immediately I fell on the back of my seat bones into a chair seat.  I didn’t like it.

So, my general conclusions are that I want a new saddle but not a Passier.  I’m going to check with other people in the barn to see if I can try their saddles before heading to the local tack store.



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