Stirrup Caution

For anyone who read my report about the Stubben Offset Stirrups I just wanted to provide a caution.  I still love them.  They seem to open my hips up a bit and my legs are stiller (and my back doesn’t hurt so much but I’m not sure if that’s from the stirrups).  But Barbara rode with them last week a couple of times and her knees started hurting.  Since the only difference to her week was riding with my stirrups, she thinks that that’s what caused it.  This week she didn’t ride in them and her knees no longer hurt.

How I interpret this is that these stirrups are doing something.  If you don’t currently have an issues, I wouldn’t go out and buy a pair just to see if it made things better because they may make things worse.  However, if you are struggling with either keeping your lower legs on the horse (my issue), opening up your hips, toes out, gripping with your knees, have back pain – anything related to your leg/hip joints – they may help.

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