PJ’s Progress

So, PJ has now been lunged in the triangle reins four times.  His up and downward transitions to and from the canter are much improved.  He is learning not to leap into the depart or fall out of it on his forehand by learning to reach with his neck and not tighten his back.  I had mentioned in a previous post that he felt different the first time I rode him after lunging him in these reins. He felt heavier in my hands but it was just a fluke.  The next few times I rode him after lunging sessions, he has felt like normal.

I tried to get a picture of him going in the reins with my cell phone but this is the best I got:

PJ being lunged by Barbara

You can see the white rope, which are the triangle reins.  In this picture, PJ still needs to stretch out and down, which he did in other moments, just nothing I caught on film, so to speak (who has film these days !!???!!).  He’s very long in the body, so tracking up is hard for him but he was able to do that too at other times.

We were also able to translate what he’s been learning on the lunge to under saddle.  When I rode, Barbara had me feed him the reins like for stretchy trot for two or so strides before I asked for the depart and that helped him stay round through the transition.

My homework is to do a lot of stretchy trot in between everything else and ask for canter in between that, with the feeling of always allowing him to reach out and down.

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One Response to PJ’s Progress

  1. Dom says:

    He looks good in the freeze frame 🙂 You’ll probably see him track up more once he truly engages the hind end. Stretchy trot does wonders for a horse. That’s good homework 🙂

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