I’m Not Posting Today

I rode today but I’m not going to describe what happened, even though two things were changed.  The first was that PJ was lunged in the triangle reins on Tuesday and this was my first ride after that, and he did feel different.  The second was that I bought Stubben Double Off-set Stirrups to see if it helped my lower leg stability.

I am deferring judgement until a ride a few more times.  We’ll be trying the reins again tomorrow at my lesson, so I’ll know if what I felt today was a fluke or something related (definitely read Dom’s comments on my last post related to these reins before trying at home).  And, I put the stirrups on the wrong sides of the saddle (they’re labeled right and left but I totally messed it up), so I’ll make a decision after I ride in them the correct way.

I think it unfair to try something once and make a judgement.  Maybe it’s the scientist in me who wants big enough sample sizes (those pesky p-values).  That, and there are no quick fixes when it comes to horses.

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