Average Isn’t So Bad…

Is it?  My ride today was average.  No great problems, but no super trot either.  A little bit better in the canter depart. But no super trot.  I left the barn feeling unfulfilled.  When I got home I made myself think about where we were last year – average then was not as good as average is today.  I can only hope that average a year from now includes that super trot…

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One Response to Average Isn’t So Bad…

  1. Net says:

    It will! I recently discovered that “average” now includes my horse’s version of super trot – and he’s learning to be able to carry it at a slower tempo. With a slower tempo I keep thinking I have to push for more forward, but my trainer now has to tell me that’s an ok tempo. I can now ask for energy from it – but it just feels ho-hum after so much pushing for forward, other than the fact if I check we have more adjustability than we ever did before.
    Super trot will come, and eventually super trot will be “normal” to you!

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