That Perfect Trot

I had it.  Last week I had it going to the right for half-way around the ring.  You know…that forward trot that not’s rushing, the horse is in your hands softly, you feel like you could do a grand prix movement at any moment because he’s so “there”.  I had it and then…I lost it.

I spent the rest of the week trying to get it again.  Barbara put me on the lunge yesterday at my lesson to work on our canter departs.  Although the departs didn’t go too well, I got PJ in my left (outside) rein better than I ever have.  When I was let off the lunge I just trotted around the ring.  Well, I got that magic trot again, and this time in both directions.   I quit before we lost it.  PJ was exhausted and I was grinning from ear to ear.  Tomorrow when I ride I will again be in search for that perfect, but elusive, trot.   It’s my motivation when all seems hopeless.

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One Response to That Perfect Trot

  1. Dom says:

    That is an AWESOME feeling.

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