It’s the Little Things

I have a good friend with colon cancer.  It was detected on a routine colonoscopy.  She had surgery and did some chemo and they said she would be fine.  But she’s not fine. The cancer spread and she’s currently undergoing more chemotherapy.  It leaves her feeling sick and fatigued, and not up to much.  But one thing that keeps her going is her horse.  Unfortunately, he’s on stall rest for 4-6 months but he’s allowed to walk.  I guess the timing isn’t horrible because my friend is often too tired to come out to the barn, let alone ride, but it’s a lot for her to deal with.

Yesterday she had a “bad day” in the morning, but felt well enough by the afternoon to schedule a trail ride with me.  I think her horse knows that she’s not up to much because despite not getting out, he didn’t spook or do anything stupid even when a whole herd of deer appeared in the woods next to us.  She was able to go almost an hour.  We talked about everything except her cancer – her daughters, my work, her work, our dogs, the weather, etc.

Although I left the barn happier than I had arrived just because I had a fun ride, I know that she left not only happier but stronger, even though she was tired from the effort.  Horses definitely have a healing effect on us and my friend and her horse are a perfect example.

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One Response to It’s the Little Things

  1. onthebit says:

    Poor MA…I didn’t know that the cancer was back. She is beyond amazing. I am glad you guys went out on a trail ride!

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