Enjoying Spring

Yesterday, Maryann and I went on a trail ride.  Her horse is on stall rest for 4-6 months and is only allowed to walk, so we thought a quiet hack would be perfect for him, and too much ring work is never good, so I was looking forward to going out with PJ.  Ransom, Maryann’s horse, was surprisingly good for being stuck in his stall for the past week.  PJ, on the other hand, was very excited but he didn’t do anything stupid.

It was a picture perfect day and we just enjoyed being with our horses and life in general.  There’s one place by the river where someone a long time ago planted daffodils and they were all blooming.  We saw a fox, and heard a variety of birds chattering away.  It was so peaceful (other than having to contain PJ’s exuberance).

PJ was so funny.  He’s not one to just bolt when he spooks. He likes to look at what he’s spooking at.  On the trail, something got his attention and the next moment we were facing another direction so he could look at whatever it was he wanted to see.  He’s usually so light in the contact I was surprised how much I had to pull on him to get him to turn back onto the trail.  It made me appreciate how strong our horses are and how kind they must be to allow us to tell them what to do.

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