Allergies Are Not Just for Humans

I had no idea that horses could suffer from allergies like we can.  I mean, I knew about hives and allergic reactions but seasonal allergies… I didn’t think they were affected.  Barbara said that many of the horses she’s seen over the past few weeks have been affected.  That includes PJ.

Like others, PJ has swollen glands.  Barbara got on PJ today for me and said that he was having trouble with giving at the poll.  She thought it was because he was had swollen glands that prevented him from giving in his neck just where the glands are.  When I got on him, I could tell he was different than he usually is in giving to the contact, but I’m not educated enough to recognize what was different.  However, unlike the other day, he was nicely forward today, but I was thinking that maybe his throwing himself into the canter depart was because he was fatigued from the allergies (he was breathing hard).  Don’t know.  Just something to think about.  Also, as I was getting ready to turn him back out I noticed he had some white snot coming form his left nostril. I really hope he only has allergies and it’s not a cold coming on – we have a show in two days!!!

I gave him a Benadryl and will check him tomorrow.  Cross your fingers.

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