PJ was not feeling well today.  To someone who didn’t know him, they would just think that he was being lazy.  But I know him very well, and when I put the screws to him, so to speak, and he still doesn’t go, then I know something is wrong.  He’s also been breathing a little funny in the beginning of the ride, and with very little work, his nostrils were flaring.  Barbara said that another horse in the barn was also breathing funny and another horse had swollen glands (not strangles).  She thought all of these guys are suffering from allergies.  She suggested I give him a Benadryl, which I did.  We’ll have to see how he is tomorrow but I”m a little dubious that one tiny Benadryl will do anything for a 1200 lb horse.  Surprisingly, my own allergies have been better than usual this year but I’ve heard that for some people, their allergies are really bad due to the mild winter.

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