Straight? Straight!

Due to scheduling conflicts, I had two lessons in a row.  Yesterday’s lesson was outside.  It was in the 70s and sunny.  I was so hoping Barbara would get on him first because PJ is always such a slug outside, but she wasn’t feeling well.  I actually was able to get him to go.    I have no clue how.  I ended up not having a lesson on Tuesday, so I had to practice posting over the right shoulder by myself.  I must have been successful because Barbara said I was very straight.  Of course it didn’t feel that way.  It felt like I was falling off the right side.  The importance of sitting that way was most evident in the canter. Barbara had me canter down the long sides and then collect to do a 15-meter circle around a jump at either end.  If I didn’t stay sitting on the right in canter, I couldn’t get the turn.

Today’s lesson I practiced parts of my test.  Again, the turns to the left only worked if I was sitting to the right.  At least it is a VERY obvious feeling when I got it versus not.  It’s just a VERY strange feeling too.  I guess straight is all relative.

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