Interesting Horse Sport Facts

I write an article for my local GMO newsletter and thought you might like some of the tidbits I’ve written about.  Below are some interesting facts about horses in sport. Enjoy!

The sequence of the horse’s footfalls at the walk was correctly described by Aristotle (384-322 bc) in the 4th century bc.

In the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Otomar Bureš of Czechoslovakia fell off his horse during the cross-country phase and it took almost 3 hours to catch the beast, for which he received ~18,000 penalty points.

A horse named Huaso, ridden by Captain Alberto Larraguibel, holds the record for the highest jump made by a horse.  He jumped 8 feet, 1.25 inches on February 5th, 1949, in Vina del Mar, Chile.

The 1952 Helsinki Olympics was the first where people other than commissioned officers were allowed to compete in dressage events.

The first woman to participate in an Olympic 3-day event was Lana DuPont (Wright) riding Mr. Wister as a representative of the US in the 1964 Tokyo Games.  She finished 33rd and the US got a silver medal.

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