All My Problems Come from Me

I know that. I’ve always known that, but why do I have to keep being reminded of it?  So here’s the situation…PJ is not in the right rein, hence why no foam on that side of the mouth.  PJ leans on his left shoulder and has learned to not lean on the left rein while he does that.  And…why are all of these things happening?  Because I have too much weight in my left seat bone.  For years, I’ve been being told to sit more right or post more over his right shoulder. Years.  PJ, in an attempt to keep me up on his back, has adapted, which has manifested in all of the problems we have.  I’m hoping that finally it was drilled home.  That’s all we really worked on today.  It feels so strange when Barbara says I have it correct.  I mean it doesn’t just feel a little weird.  It feels like I am totally on his right side.    And maybe I am, and maybe it feeling so strange is just temporary because a) I get used to it, and/or b) PJ goes without leaning, which puts me in a better position.  I won’t have a chance to practice on my own until my next lesson and maybe that’s a good thing.  This way I won’t do it wrong, solidifying doing it wrong in the future.  Till then, I’ll think sit right.

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