Be Careful What You Wish for…

I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before.  I’m at the point where I hope I won’t have to say that.  I have a friend at work who is a serious amateur Eventer.  She hasn’t been overly happy with her current barn in the entire year that I’ve known her.  I’ve been slowly working on getting her to move to my barn for a number of reasons, not all altruistic.  First, the barn she’s at does not do a lot of turnout and her horse is prone to ulcers and needs as much turnout as possible.  Second, the trainer, who is also the barn owner, at her current barn doesn’t have the same riding philosophy as her.  Third, the barn owner frowns on anyone taking outside lessons and she has people at other farms she likes to trailer to on a weekly basis. Lastly, the barn is pretty busy with some drama and she would like somewhere quieter.

My barn meets all of her requirements, and I finally got her to come out and see the place.  She loved it, and although she hasn’t made the decision yet, she’s very close to moving.  I’ve been hoping she would move, not just because it sounds like it would be a better place for her and her horse, but because then I would have another person to ride with.  Our barn has few boarders who actually ride, so I’m often there alone, which gets boring.  She also has a trailer, so maybe I would have someone who could give me a ride to a show or two.

I really think she would fit in.  I’m just hoping I don’t regret encouraging her to come.  That’s happened before – I got a friend I rode with a job where I worked and that backfired in a BIG way.  I’m not too worried, just something to think about.

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