My Poor Horse

I rode on my own today.  He was slow sluggish.  I thought it would be good to get him cantering to help him get moving.  The problem is that to get him to canter when I ask, he needs to be moving with his hind legs under him, but to get him moving with his hind legs under him, cantering helps.  A catch-22.

Of course, when I asked, he didn’t do it.  I made the mistake of getting after him.  Then after that that’s all he wanted to do. Any change in my position – canter.  Any half-halt – canter.  I know it’s me.  I’m not giving him the right feeling, the right scoop with my seat.  I felt horrible that I had gotten after him because all he was trying to do was what he thought I wanted.

After our canter debacle I worked on half-halting and sending forward and him not cantering off.  Once he settled into that, then I asked for canter again, which he gave me.  Then I went back to just asking him to half-halt and go forward without cantering.  I could tell he was unsure of me but he eventually I think we got on the same page.  I  can’t wait for Barbara to return!

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