Little Victories

First, take a look at the picture below.  Other than the dirt, what do you see?  Hair!!! Shedding hair!!!! Yay.

Look at the hair!!

I consider that a small victory – we made it through the worst of winter (not that this winter was very bad).

My second small victory was getting PJ to canter without stirrups.  It wasn’t pretty, but we got it in both directions!  I started in sitting trot and got him to collect and then go forward.  Once he was doing that well, then I asked for the depart.  The first one didn’t happen but then I think he knew what I wanted and he also was going a bit more forward, so when I asked again, he did it.  By the time we changed directions, he definitely knew what I wanted and did it right away.   Even better, when we came back to trot, I didn’t fall off!

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