When It All Comes Together

I was able to put together all of the pieces that I figured out on Tuesday and yesterday.  I kept the outside rein (right) going to the left.  I kept my joints loose, well, looser than normal.  And I didn’t collapse by sitting on my left seat bone going left.

And PJ went fantastically.  We did centerlines where I had to half-halt to go make the turn and then shoot forward down the centerline.  He rose to the occasion (literally, he picked up his front end, get it? his front end “rose”?  sorry.).  After he gave me two beautiful centerlines and down the long sides, we quit.

Now I just have to do it again and again and again…. It was a lot to think about to avoid reverting back to my old habits.  But it should get easier the more I ride that way.  Weatherwise this is probably the best day in February I have ever experienced – it was almost 60 deg and sunny.  Ridingwise, it was a wonderful day.  It was a great day all the way around!

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