Okay, so either PJ was having a bad day yesterday, I wasn’t feeling what I thought I was, or I actually fixed PJ, because Barbara said he was great today.  Go figure.

I had an abbreviated lesson because the farrier came and Barbara had to help with a horse.  Not a biggy.  I did learn one very important thing….

Going to the left I have a tendency to loose the outside (right) rein – this I know.  To me it has always felt like the contact was constant.  What I learned today is that when the contact is correct, it feels like I pulse the rein from contact to more contact to contact in time with his trot.  I found this out by doing it (by accident) and Barbara telling me that I hadn’t lost contact and also PJ felt better.  I went around again and this time did it on purpose and she said I had it!

It’s funny how things feel different than you think they should or how they look to someone on the ground.

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