On My Own

I hesitated riding today because that would mean two days of riding on my own.  I rode yesterday and he was okay but I don’t really know.  Maybe I wasn’t feeling everything I should have been.

Today I really felt like he was leaning on his left shoulder and the left rein.  He also had a head tilt.  Both bad.  I couldn’t fix him by using more inside leg or using and releasing the inside rein.  At the end of my ride I was desperate.  I decided to try something different and put both forearms on my thighs.  I still tried not to have any rein contact with the left rein going to the left (so inside rein).  But, he got more steady in the outside rein.

He was also very stiff in the back.  He wanted to jig instead of walk.  I don’t know if it was because it was a little cooler today or because I had ridden him yesterday or what.

I went home frustrated.  I’ll just have to wait for my lesson tomorrow to see how much damage I’ve done.

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