Bridle Update

So I posted a while ago that I thought PJ’s anxious head shaking was from the bridle and I was able to narrow it down to when it goes over his ears.  Since then, I’ve been letting the bit down before putting it on and then tightening it after it’s on his head.

The pre-bridling head shaking has almost all but gone.  He still shakes his head once the bridle is on.  My plan is to buy a new bridle.  Schneider’s Saddlery has a reasonable priced one with a comfort crown that is shaped around the ears.  I just bought that fancy bridle from Switzerland (it has a comfort crown just not a shaped crown) and I’m not looking forward to spending more money on yet another bridle – and I really like it with it’s light color and rhinestones.  😦   But….ya gatta do what’s best for the horse.

I am going to buy a cob size.  Horse size bridles just seem too big.  I’m anticipating that the browband will be too small but I have a bigger one from PJ’s show bridle (which he’ll just have to deal with for the few shows we go to) when I put on the fancy browband.  It’s not like he has a small head but these companies think a regular horse is a giant warmblood and an oversized horse is a draft – or at least that’s the way it seems.  I don’t know how people with TBs, and their fine heads, find bridles that fit!

I also want to try one more bit – the Myler Comfort Snaffle Mb02 mouthpiece.  I still have some money on a gift certificate to a local tack shop that will cover part of the price.  I just think PJ doesn’t have a lot of room in there with a low palette and a big tongue.  He’s light in the contact but likes to open his mouth – even with Barbara riding him.  It’s now legal for dressage and is supposed to be a mild bit.  I do take it as a positive sign that he hasn’t gotten heavy. And, I know that how you use your hands has more influence than anything else, but it’s worth a try.  Doesn’t everyone have a “bit drawer”?

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