My Kingdom for a Shoe

As I led PJ from the field I could tell something just wasn’t right with the way he was walking.  He wasn’t head bobbing or limping.  Maybe it was just the sound that was off, but he was so covered in mud that I couldn’t see much until I got him into the aisle of the barn. And then it was quite obvious: his shoe was half off his foot.

I hosed off all of his legs (not just the one with the shoe) and went about pulling the nails with a nail puller.  Last week one of the nails had come out and I guess with all of the mud, the rest of the shoe decided to go with it.  Even without the shoe he wasn’t off but he was uneven, and since we’re working on getting him to work even, I didn’t want to try and ride him.  Instead, I washed his tail, which was in sore need of it.  Of course, tomorrow he’s just going to go back out in the mud and dirty it up again.  I’m not complaining though – it could be snow.

My farrier is very good about coming out for reasons such as a lost shoe, so hopefully he’ll come out tonight.  That’s a job I never want to do.  Just pulling PJ’s shoe I got myself all twisted up trying to hold the foot and pull the nail at the same time.  To PJ’s credit, he was a good boy.  When I first bought him I was told he used to be horrible for the farrier but “they worked with him”.  I don’t know what they did but he was so reactive in picking up his feet that I couldn’t put polos on him.  If I just reached down to his cannon he picked up the foot.  But we’ve come to a tentative understanding about what it means to pick up the foot and when I don’t want him to.  The farrier has even remarked that PJ is much (much much) better now than when I first got him. I think he just needed to mature a bit.

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