Habits Are Hard to Break

Breaking bad habits is hard.  Today I realized how much I hold the left rein.  So much so, that PJ has learned to lean on it going to the left (so it’s the inside rein).  If Barbara didn’t keep saying something, I would have continued with my holding ways.  To me it felt like I had contact.  But when Barbara had me totally release the rein, I could feel that he was using it as a crutch.  But man! Was it hard not to hold it.  She told me to use it in an outside way (hinge my elbow to my side and swing my forearm in) and then quickly release so he couldn’t lean on it.  I thought I was releasing it but I was just putting my hand back into position and not forward.  I wasn’t making a loop in it even though the hand had changed positions.

I’m going to practice tomorrow and this is what I’m going to be concentrating on.  Of course, there is also a ton of other things I need to think about.  I read somewhere how long it takes to erase a bad habit and all I can remember is that it takes a LONG time.  I guess realizing I have a problem is the first step.

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