I Love My Horse, Let Me Count the Ways

First, it’s freezing cold and windy outside and all of the horses were nuts.  When I got to the barn PJ was at the bottom of the hill running circles around two other horses who were play fighting.  When he saw me, he stopped and stared.  I waved in the air the apple core I had wrapped in plastic wrap and yelled, “P.J. Peeeeejjj”.  And to my surprise, he came trotting up all of the way to the gate.  While I make no illusions that he was coming for the snack, I don’t think he would have come for just anyone holding an apple.

Second, he was very spooky walking up to the barn but he trusted me enough to calm down, so I could lead him into the barn.

Third, I decided to throw him on the lunge just in case.  Although up, he let me adjust his stride and walk, trotted, and cantered when I asked.

Fourth, when I jumped on him, he was a very good boy.  Was the work great? No, but he was quiet and tried very hard even though he wanted to spook at the shadows in the corner.  I actually had fun riding today, even though it was only 25 degree and it looked like a blizzard from all of the blowing snow outside.   And fun is what it’s all about.

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One Response to I Love My Horse, Let Me Count the Ways

  1. Sarah says:

    That’s always the best, when a ride is fun even when you don’t expect it. You’ve given me the inspiration to brave the cold and blowing snow here to go ride my own horse.

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