Both PJ and I Had to Find the Motivation

My ride yesterday was crappy.  I had a ton of good intentions but by the time I got to the barn, it was windy and I was tired.  It was 60 deg, so I definitely wanted to ride outside.  I headed to the top ring to work without stirrups.  I walked for about 5 minutes.  I felt blah.  I started posting trot but quickly went to sitting because it was easier.   By this time the wind was giving me a headache.  I stopped and thought about going for a hack around the hunt field but it was so windy, the gaits to the unused paddocks were swinging in our path.  PJ was also getting a little up, so I headed up to the barn and walked around there a little but it was boring.  I hopped off and put him away.

My lesson today was no less early in the afternoon and I was dragging again today, but Barbara was going to get on him first, so I pulled myself together.  Barbara was all ready to go when she couldn’t find one of her dogs.  She went out to look for him because he has just started wandering really far, which is a very bad thing because there is a road and people don’t drive slow on it.  I decided to drag PJ outside to see if maybe the dog went another direction.  She eventually came back with the dog next to her on the golf cart, but PJ didn’t take too well to the little trip we took.

When Barbara got on she said he did not want to give to contact, he wouldn’t work over his back, he wouldn’t go forward from her leg, etc.  She rode for about a half-hour and got him sort of going okay.  She knew it wasn’t great but she was tired.  She handed me the reins and said “Let’s see if you can get him and if not, we’ll throw him on the lunge with side reins.”  I’m glad she had more confidence in me than I did as I was all ready to lunge him.

I kept PJ on a long rein and we first went in the direction he was better with Barbara (to the right).  I actually got him going okay and we changed directions and I got him going okay in that direction too.  Was it as good as the past few rides where he was very good? No, but the fact that we could get him back to good from bad is very important because usually at a show or clinic all of the stars DON’T align and you have to work through things.  Mistakes (either horse’s or ours) teach us (both the horse and us) just as much, if not more, as perfect rides.

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