Good Boy PJ

Barbara was dragging today (her words, not mine) and was expecting a hard ride on PJ – he just has a big trot that she’s not used to.  She was pleasantly surprised to find him responsive and his trot didn’t throw her all around.  When she got off she was much happier than when she started.  Isn’t that great how a good ride can brighten your mood?

Back to the ride…She found him very adjustable and forward.  I suggested that it was because of his teeth, but she didn’t think so.  She thought it was just that he “got it” now.  I still think it’s his teeth because nothing else has really changed.  When I got on, even I could tell that he was pushing from behind.  We even cantered, which is something we hadn’t done in a while because he wasn’t listening enough to strike off when asked.  It wasn’t perfect but it’s coming!

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