Pay Attention!!!!

That’s all I ask.  Is that too much?  Okay, I know you are a boy and boys have trouble paying attention, and I know you’re not yet 7 years old and that’s young, but come on!  Stop looking out every window when we’re trotting down the long side.  So what that another horse just walked into the barn.  It’s just a shadow.  That noise was just one of the dogs that you’ve seen/heard a thousand times!

Can you tell I was annoyed by my ride today.  I finally got him to listen but it took a lot of transitions and changes in directions and a little beating (what, you didn’t hear me put my leg on – how’s a little kick?).  I have very simple rules – 1) go when I say go, and 2) stop when I say stop.  Not “wait, did you say something?”

Okay, rant over.  I understand that it feels like spring and everyone has a little spring fever.  We can always go to work tomorrow.

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One Response to Pay Attention!!!!

  1. Net says:

    This blog is the why for inside leg to outside rein.

    Have you had the opportunity to hear any BNTs saying “shoulder fore! Ride in shoulder fore!” as if it’s a mantra? If you’re riding with the horse slightly bent to the inside, when they want to look out you just reinforce that inside bend… and they have to pay attention to you.

    Easier said than done, of course! But essential for those of us with ADHD OTTBs… 🙂 Sounds like it could help PJ, too!

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