Zumba-ed Out

Barbara showed up for my lesson in jeans instead of breeches.  She had come straight from Zumba class and was not up for getting on a horse.  No biggy except PJ was behind my leg.  To try to get PJ in front of my leg, Barbara had us do an exercise around the ring.

At V, R, P, and S she told me to do a 10-meter circle.  The important thing was to get him to sit instead of just slow down.  Unfortunately after numerous times going around in both directions, we never got it right but both PJ and I needed a break.

We moved on to exercise #2 – which was leg yielding.  Going to the left I had a lot of trouble keeping him from dropping his right shoulder.  To fix it, Barbara had me think almost counter bend (and almost half-pass) – basically it served to keep his head straight.  We headed down the centerline.  Once we were straight and he was on his hind leg (two or three strides), then we leg-yielded over to the quarterline.  And then this is important, we went straight for two or three strides before going sideways again so that PJ stayed going forward and to establish that I had control over the shoulders.  If I didn’t, he wouldn’t go straight and instead would continue drifting to the rail.

We ended by going forward and he was nice and in front of my leg even when I let out the reins for him to stretch, which he much appreciated.  I know that I needed a good stretch after that work too.

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