Embarrassed Momma

Now I know that Barbara has years of experience dealing with unruly, hyper, and strong just-OTTB and other horses.  But I was still nervous that she was getting on PJ, who had been very nuts (for him) on Sunday.  Many years had past since her “wild” days and she didn’t ride many horses now, instead, she passed her expertise off through teaching from the ground.

I did warn her about his behavior over the weeked.  She shrugged her shoulders and got on (with helmet -as always).  True to my fears, PJ spooked at something outside. I was so embarrassed that my baby was misbehaving.  All he did was pick his head up, stop, and then side step a stride.  Barbara wasn’t really phased.  She continued on and said that although he started out quite stuck behind the leg.  She got him going before handing him off to me.

I rode and he was fine.  In fact, Barbara said he looked great.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell the difference between his good half-halts today and his bad half halts in the past.  I just don’t have the feeling.  But, I think this system is working.

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