Blanket Worries

I am sitting here at 6:30 am worrying about what my horse is wearing.  These weather swings make it impossible to figure out which blanket is appropriate.

Yesterday he had on his medium turnout.  It was fine but with all of the humidity, while it was sitting around during my ride, it got damp on the inside and I didn’t want to put it back on him. Instead I put his California turnout, which has a tiny amount of fill.  It was fine while he was in his stall, but I’m panicking because it’s extremely windy out and the temperature is dropping like a brick.  I don’t want him turned out in it. (And besides, it’s really small on him and won’t cover much up WHEN he decides to roll!)

Now, I shouldn’t be panicking.  All I need to do is get to the barn earlier rather than later and change his blanket.  Maybe he’ll be out for an hour or so at the most.  And if he does roll, I can always hose him off with hot water before I ride so he has a chance to dry while we’re working (I won’t rinse over his back, just his legs and sides that are clipped).

Of course, it’s times like this that make me think of those PETA people who think all horses should be running free.  Yeah, I don’t know of any horse who would prefer being out in weather like today instead of his cozy stall with ample hay.

Right now, PJ is fine.  He’ll be fine. I’m fine. We’re all fine.  I’ll go to the barn and change his clothing and he’ll still be fine.  Okay. I feel better now.



I went to the barn at 9am – it was SNOWING!!!!  After I rode, I put on his medium turnout because it was still in the 40s and all of the horses were still in the barn and might stay in the barn for the entire day. No problem there.  But now, at 3 pm it’s only 29 deg and I’m sure they will go out tomorrow.  I’m wishing I had put his heavy weight turnout on…

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