Sharing an Exercise

Barbara had me do a really cool exercise today that I thought I would share.  The goal was to get PJ pushing from behind (isn’t that always the goal????!!!!).

The exercise involved two 20-meter circles – one at A and one between E and B.  We started out trotting to the right on the circle between E and B.  After I got him sort of forward in the circle we started the exercise.  As we approached the center line closest to A, I half halted him so that he really sat and did half a 10-meter circle.  At the end of the half-circle I sent him forward onto the second 20-meter circle.  Everything stayed on the same diagonal/direction.

It was complicated for me to understand until I did it.  Below is a picture that I hope helps explain it better than words.  Start in the top circle.  Do the 10-meter half-circle and then do the bottom circle.  After following the arrows and doing the bottom circle, there should be another 10-meter circle at the same point as in the picture just towards the inside of the bottom circle, to go back onto the top circle.  Then switch directions and do it the other way!


The small circle really worked to get him to sit, so that when I sent him forward to the big circle, he really went.  We even tried it at the canter, but need some work on that.

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