We’re Stuck with Each Other

Burrrrrrrrr.  The weatherpeople actually got it right for once. It was freezing cold and very windy.  Normally, I wouldn’t even venture to the barn on a day like today but now I have an indoor!  Even though the thermometer in the barn said 29 deg, it didn’t feel that bad because I was out of the wind.  That, and I was wearing multiple layers of long-johns under my breeches plus I had Hot Hands in the toes of my boots.

I had a descent lesson.  I’m so worried about ruining poor PJ.  Barbara reassured me and said that if he was really upset with how I was riding him, he would let me know.  She’s given me this speech often.  I have PJ and PJ has me.  We are learning this together so there may be times when each of us gets frustrated and it may take a lot longer to learn than if one of us knew what we were doing, but we will get it.  And she’s there to make sure things don’t spiral too much out of control.

I feel a little bit better.  I guess if he truly hated me, he wouldn’t come to me in the pasture no matter how many treats I had in my hand. (Granted he only walks the last 5 strides to me, but it’s a start!)

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