Part 2

Today was pretty much a repeat of yesterday.  PJ was a little more of a slug in the outside, which made working on contact and everything else harder.  I’m trying the best I can.  My real goal today was when I put my leg on, he either moved over or bent his body depending on how much outside rein I had.

We did make it into the front field, which turned out to be a lot of fun.  A long rectangular patch had been cleared on the side of the hill.  We walked down the hill (it was still a little too wet to trot down) and trotted up until we got all the way to the end of  the smooth patch.  Then we trotted all of the way back up along the top of the ridge.  PJ was breathing heavy by the end.

He was still fussy in the mouth but his ears were floppier.  Tomorrow I plan to do the entire ride in the front field.

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