A Great Ride Makes Everything Better

With shopping for the holidays, a busy work schedule because everything needs to get done before the holidays, and lots of parties celebrating the holidays, things have been hectic.  Yesterday was a particularly difficult day because of work deadlines, but I was still able to make it to the barn in between emails, and I’m glad I did.

PJ was fantastic. During my lessons I always do what I’m told.  Sometimes I shouldn’t do that.  Sometimes I need to stop what I’m being asked to do to fix an issue and then go back to doing whatever it was.  When I ride by myself, I automatically adjust what I’m doing with the moment.  So the leg yield isn’t working. Why? Well, he’s not moving over. Okay, so do a 10-meter circle to get his hind legs under him and then go back leg yield.  Yesterday, I just worked through his issues, concentrating on fixing one thing at a time (moving over, going forward, shoulder leaning, etc), and then it happened…We had the perfect half-circle.  I know, it doesn’t sound like much but it felt so amazing and looked great in the mirrors too.  He was stepping correctly; the contact felt great; my position was correct; he was moving forward.

I left the barn with a smile on my face, ready to meet whatever challenge ahead.  Happy holidays everyone!

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