I Know My Horse

I know my horse and today he wasn’t quite right.  Not lame.  He started out okay but quickly faded.  After a walk break I tried to pick him back up and he just stopped.  And while, yes, he likes standing still versus work, this time he just felt resistant.  I tried to push him forward and got more resistance.  Nothing anyone on the ground could see, just a stuckness I could feel.

I ended my lesson early, and Barbara understood completely.  It could have been because it is especially warm today (60 deg) or maybe because he got shod (twice – farrier forgot the snow studs the first time), or maybe because he got snow studs and they felt different, or it could even been because he hadn’t been turned out in two days.  Whatever it was, I figured all I would get is resistance and while sometimes it’s good to work through it, other times it’s not.  I made a judgement call that I thought was best for my horse.  Hopefully, tomorrow he’ll be back to normal.

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