One Step at a Time (Literally)

Dressage is all about baby steps.  You have to love the journey or forget about it, because in dressage having the horse’s inside hind leg move an inch or two more is all you’re going for.

The ride started out without stirrups.  Although I can still only go about 3 times around the ring in posting trot before I need to sit, the quality of the trot has improved.  It’s almost as good as with stirrups.  I even got him to half-halt and then go forward nicely.  I decided to try cantering without stirrups, starting in sitting trot.  It didn’t go that well.

Because I had asked and failed twice, I needed a new tactic, so I picked back up my stirrups. The good thing was that the without-stirrup work helped my with-stirrup work and I think I got my position more like at my last lesson – PJ went really well.   When I asked to the canter, I did it with more bouncy ankles, if that makes sense.  He gave me a beautiful transition.  I did about half-a-dozen to the right, and although not all of them were perfect, they were so much better than they had been.  To the left I had a little more trouble, but they were definitely on their way to improvement.  Of course, the saying two steps forward, one step back is definitely a truism, but at least I made those two steps.

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