Hags on Nags

Tonight was our annual Hags on Nags party.  Before I ever came on the scene it involved the local women getting together for the adult version of Pony Club (Horsemasters).  From what I was told, they used to actual meet regularly but it disintegrated into just an annual holiday party. A very fun party with lots of horsey talk.  We have pizza and whatever everyone brings, and of course, lots of wine!

To top it off, we do a horse-related Yankee Trader Swap.  That’s where we all bring a gift and then pick numbers.  Number one picks a gift and opens it.  Then number 2 picks a gift.  Before they open it, they can steal number one’s gift if they want or open the gift they picked, and so it goes down the line.  I’ve played this game with other crowds with slightly different rules but it’s always fun.  Everyone tries to steal the alcohol or the horse treats or the leather balm; occasionally there are gag gifts. This year I thought I brought the gag gift – I brought a cow pillow pet – but people loved it and it was even stolen from the original person who picked it.  One year there was a fight over a 20-lb bag of carrots!  I ended up with a nice calendar, pad of paper, and pen that I really had no use for, so when it was all over, I traded them for a bottle of wine with someone who didn’t drink.  Win-win.

Now I’m going to bed to rest off all of the bad food I ate – If I dream about exercise will I burn calories?  I hope so because those cookies were too good to eat just one!

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