Enjoyed the Ride

I think I was just cranky yesterday from only getting four hours of sleep (yes, doing something fun), which is why I allowed myself to get frustrated so easily with my ride.  But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a fundamental issue with our forward button that needs to be addressed.  However, today was not the day to do that.

The sun was shining and it was a balmy 50 deg.  I wasn’t going to waste it by riding indoors.  Since it was also Without-Stirrups Wednesday, it was the perfect opportunity to capitalize on PJ’s extra sluggishness outside.  I worked a lot on my balance, letting my legs just hang going around the ring, doing bicycles, and messing around with where I put my seat bones.  Granted, he’s barely moving when I do this, but my strength and balance have definitely improved since implementing one day a week without stirrups.

After riding for 25 minutes I took back my stirrups and we went for a short hack up the driveway and back around the field.  I just relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine and the clip clop of PJ’s feet.  There will be plenty of time for serious work tomorrow, when it’s supposed to be raining.  Today, there was just blue skies.

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