I’m Getting Frustrated

PJ was a slug today.  What’s worse, he was a spooky slug.  I know the two go together – if he’s not going forward he can use that energy for other things like looking around.  At the end of my lesson I had had it.  We were trying to do leg yield and he just wasn’t moving off my leg.  I got so mad.  I kicked and whipped him, so that he swung his butt around when I put my leg on.  It wasn’t the totally correct response on my part.  I needed to have more outside rein and push him into a small circle so that he had to reach with his inside hind to keep himself balanced in such a small figure (Barbara talked me through it).  But wouldn’t you know it….after that little episode, PJ went forward.  We went around the ring and I didn’t have to tire myself out pushing.

So, am I not being demanding enough at the beginning of my ride?  That’s the question I’m going to try to answer in my next ride on my own.

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