6-YO Moment?

I wanted to be nice to my pony and give him a semi-day off.  Maryann and I were all set to go for a trail ride.  Another friend, Eileen, decided to join us too.  Great.

As we were waiting for Eileen to tack up, Maryann and I rode outside in the upper ring.  I could feel PJ was “up” but I really didn’t think much of it – it was PJ, super safe PJ.

As we start out around the cross-country course PJ got worse and worse.  It didn’t help that the third horse we were with also wasn’t relaxed.  I could feel that all PJ wanted to do was bold forward or rear when I didn’t let him.  Before his behavior escalated, I got off.  I could just picture PJ doing something more and scaring the third horse, who was a relatively new OTTB and then all three taking off in a mad run.

I made PJ walk behind me, which he didn’t want to do.  He kept trying to forge ahead of me.  After we completed one time around PJ seemed a little better, so I got back on. Nope.  I got off again and led him straight into the indoor and got back on.  I have to say that PJ was very forward – it was actually nice because the forward didn’t come with the attitude he had outside.  After we did some good work, I took him back outside and rode in the bottom ring, where Eileen was still schooling her horse.  PJ was good but he never lost that devilish look in his eye.  Even back on crossties when we were all done, he was still mentally high even though physically he was tired.  Did he just have a 6-yo moment?  Was it because it was close to feeding time?  Was it the weather?  I have no clue.  I just hope evil PJ doesn’t ever return.

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