Split Decision

We’re riding along; minding our own business when out of the corner of both mine and PJ’s eyes we see a strange sight: two horses running loose.  It registered in PJ’s mind a split second before mine that that wasn’t supposed to be.  We stopped and watched them trot down the path outside of the indoor.  PJ started freaking out.  There was a horse in his stall and he started freaking out.  I had to make a decision: stay on and try to get PJ back to work or get off.

The argument for staying on was that I didn’t want to teach PJ that spooking got him out of work.  I wanted him to learn that he needs to focus no matter what is going on around him.  However, I didn’t know if the horses would enter the barn and then the indoor – they were heading in that direction.  I thought it would definitely be safer getting off.  But it wasn’t an easy decision because what I teach PJ in his early years will stay with him forever.  In the end, safety trumped training and I hopped off.

I was glad I did because it took two golf carts, one person on foot with a bucket of grain, a pick-up truck, and 20 minutes to catch the runaways.  I found out later that one of the horses was blind and would just follow the other horse wherever he went.  I guess  today he wanted to go exploring.

It was a lot of excitement for PJ.  Once they were haltered, I got back on PJ and made him work.  He spooked at every little noise and flash of light outside.  But he’s generally a good guy and did what I asked.  The bonus was that he was still so “up” that I didn’t have to worry about getting him to go forward with his withers up.  Never a dull day!

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One Response to Split Decision

  1. Dom says:

    Glad you opted for safety!

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