PJ Had a Full Day

Just as I got done grooming and before I had started tacking up, someone pulled in with their trailer for a lesson.  Of course, I ran down there with PJ in tow and begged her to allow me to practice loading.  The owner of the trailer was very nice and said “sure.”  It was a roomy three-horse slant load, step-up.  She also helped set it up so PJ had two whole placed and we could turn around.  It didn’t take me long to get PJ to stand in the trailer, and before he could rush back out, I turned him around.  He was nervous but he stood for a good 10 minutes looking out the back.  After I felt him relax, I walked him out and then reloaded him.  This time I made him stand forward.  We stood in there a good 40 minutes.  After about 15 he started to munch on the hay.  He never became as relaxed as he is in his stall but his heart stopped beating fast and he didn’t try to turn around with every noise.

But that wasn’t the end of PJ’s day.  Then I rode him.  He was really forward and a good boy, so I didn’t ride him for long.  Bridget pulled in with her trailer just as I was finishing up but I didn’t try to load him into that trailer.  I thought he had had enough.  I turned him back out with his friends no worse for wear.

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