Clips, Blankets, and One Bad Pony

My PJ was a wooly bear, which was not a good thing when I wanted to work him, especially with these lovely warm days.  He needed to be clipped, but I was not the person to do it – I’m really bad at it.  Luckily, it was a 70-degree day, so I could give him a bath and then I begged Bridget to clip him that night (it would probably be the last time I could give him a bath, making him easier to clip).  She said she would if she had time.

Because he was wet, I left him with his cooler on in his stall and I put his turn-out on a box next to his stall.

The next day I came to the barn to this:

Isn't he pretty?

A beautifully clipped horse.  She gave him a blanket clip, which I think is perfect for our weather.

However, I also got to the barn to a totally ripped turnout sheet from withers to tail (literally).  He must have pulled it through the bars of his stall.  Bridget found it after she clipped him trampled and buried in the straw.  Barbara had called me in the morning and told me, so I stopped by my local tack shop and picked up something called “Tear Mender” before showing up.  PJ was in him medium weight turnout because that’s all Barbara could find.  I took the turnout sheet and laid it out on the floor and got to work. This stuff is supposed to create a water-tight seal that can hold up to heavy use.  Yeah, I don’t think they thought of horse heavy use, but okay I would try it.  It bonded in 30 minutes, and seems pretty good but I took it home to put in a few stitches in it too – I have this industrial strength thread that is as strong as steel (you get it at a military supply shop) that should do the trick.  Right now PJ is in his California turnout that came with him.  It’s a little small but should be a perfect weight for this weather, which is now more seasonal. Bad pony but bad mommy for putting the sheet where his lips could reach it.


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