We Have Lights!

Well, the barn has lights – my trainer’s house is still in the dark and relying on the generator.  Okay, technically the barn is also relying on a generator but the lights were working.

I had a full schedule at work and had to be a normal person and show up at the barn after dark, especially now that darkness falls so early.  I wasn’t going to ride because I’m not used to putting in a full day of work before riding.  Normally, I take a barn break in the middle of the day and work into the night.  But, Barbara convinced me that I should and she stayed out to give me a lesson.

PJ was so funny.  He ate his grain but thought that he should stay in his stall and finish his hay and then sleep.  He wasn’t used to being ridden so late, either.  We got into the ring and he was VERY spooky.  I wasn’t prepared because he’s never spooky.  One minute we were going forward and the next we had spun around and was heading the opposite direction – and I had no stirrups.  He had spooked at a new bench.  Once he looked at it, he was fine with it.  Then we were trotting down the long side and all of a sudden he dropped his inside shoulder and scooted into the middle of the ring.  He did it at another point in the ring and then again at the same spot.  Once I realized he really was spooking, I got after him and pushed him forward BEFORE the scary spots.  Barbara kept us working and we didn’t stop until we were ready to quit for the night.  He got over himself.

Of course, PJ is hairy and was became very sweaty.  To cool him off I led him to the ring and we watched Bridget ride her upper level schoolmaster.  I think PJ was pretty impressed by the tempi-ones.  If he wasn’t, I sure was.  He didn’t completely dry by the time she was done, but I had to get home. He would be inside so I figured he would be fine if I put his turnout sheet back on him.

When I walked out of the barn to go back to my car, it was VERY dark.  The entire valley still has no power.  It was kind of spooky to drive home.  Hopefully everyone will recover soon from the snow storm and we’ll all have electricity for real.

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