Getting There Is Half the Fun – Not!

On Sunday after the storm I tried to get to the barn but I was thwarted by fallen trees and downed power lines.  Today I was determined.  I turned down a street a lot of other people were turning down – I took that as a good sign and it was.  I got to the end of that street and turned left.  At first the road was fairly clear.  A couple of branches sticking into the road but I could get around them.  Of course other people were driving like maniacs and I almost got run off the road by a tractor trailer (this is on a road with no yellow line and deep ditches on both sides).  But then any sign of plowing disappeared and the road became a one-lane tract through the snow with branches making the drive like going through an obstacle course.  There were no signs saying the road was closed but eventually the path narrowed to a dead end from a large down tree that had pulled power lines with it.  I had to turn around.

I retraced my drive to where the road was almost two lanes and went the other way.  That road was open but you still had to go slow.  Eventually I made it to the barn.  Of course, then I had to battle the mud and slippery slope to go get my horse who was all of the way down the hill and through two pastures in a wet and muddy spot.  He was good, though, he walked the last fifteen feet to meet me.  I gave him an apple core for his effort (of course he saw me when I first entered the pasture but nooooo000, he couldn’t bother to walk to me and made me get my feet soaking wet.  Oh well, what can you do?).

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One Response to Getting There Is Half the Fun – Not!

  1. onthebit says:

    I still had trouble getting there today with downed trees and power lines. I bet PJ was happy you made the big effort to get out there…especially since you gave him an apple core!

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