I’m Hibernating Today

You’ve probably heard that a NorEaster is coming to the North East, which is where I am. As I sit here and type, it is pouring, and not that refreshing summer rain burst.  This is a freezing cold, large drop deluge.  There’s a horse show today that I’ve gone to for the past few years.  It’s a nice local show that’s very close to the barn.  This year my trailering buddy and I decided not to go for a variety of reasons – boy am I glad we didn’t sign up.  I would not want to be riding in this!  I have two friends who are scheduled to go.  We’ll see if they change their minds.

And yes, I could go to the barn now that we have an indoor, but tomorrow is supposed to be a sunny day and I did ride him yesterday, so a day off won’t kill him.  I have absolutely no desire to leave my couch, with my dog and cat snuggled next to me, let alone the house to get into my car and drive 30 minutes to be cold and have to deal with a spooky horse because of the wind. No thanks!  However, I did prepare for hibernating by bringing home my bridle to clean.  Hopefully, this won’t be as bad as the weather people say it will and tomorrow the sun will shine again.  Till them, I’m staying right here.

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