What Constitutes Dedicated?

At my lesson on Tuesday we worked on leg yield.  At my lesson today, we worked on leg yield.  Was today better than Tuesday? Not really.  Why?  Most likely because I didn’t practice on Wednesday.

It was a picture perfect day on Wednesday, but unfortunately I was stuck at work for most of the day.  I could have gone at 7:30am but it would have been a rush to get to work in time for a meeting.  I went to the gym instead.  I also could have gone after work.  I got to leave at 3:30pm, but on the way home I thought about how it would take me 30 minutes to get to the barn and 45 minutes home with rush hour traffic.  I thought about how I would have to cook dinner when I got home, that the dog really needed a walk, that I still had some work to do, PJ would be tired from the day before, my back hurt from sitting in an office chair, and on and on.  I decided against going to the barn (I did take the dog for a nice walk).

When I was a kid or even when I was in my 20s there wouldn’t have been a question; I would have gone to ride.  Does that mean I’m not as dedicated now?  I don’t know.  I really want to ride well but I also want to have a happy marriage, a healthy dog, a clean(ish) house, a job to pay for it all, etc.  As I get older I recognize that life is all about the decisions we make.  So, I didn’t improve over the two days.  I can tell you, I’ll be at the barn tomorrow and this weekend, practicing.

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