What Friends Are For

I found a ride to the show this weekend.  There’s a woman who leases a schoolmaster at my barn, but she also has her own horse at home.  She’s taking her own horse to the show and has room in her trailer for PJ.  Funny thing is, she’s showing against me.  But she’s still willing to go to the show grounds a full hour earlier than she would have otherwise and has already volunteered her family to help me sign in and tack up.  How nice!

And my husband said he would come and help me out too.  Normally, the friend I trailer with brings her boyfriend, so we have that extra person to help out both of us.  I was afraid that I would be more on my own with this one, so I asked if he would come.  He’s giving up his entire afternoon to hold PJ and make sure my stock tie is straight and I have my number on and anything else I need.

Now, cross your fingers that PJ gets on the trailer…

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One Response to What Friends Are For

  1. onthebit says:

    How did it go?? I hope PJ got on the trailer and that you had a good day!!

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